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Introducing the emblem of quality and creativity - the distinctive logo of Sunset Apparel in Salt Lake City. Our logo represents a commitment to personalized custom T-shirts, designed to bring your unique visions to life. As a local hub in Salt Lake City, we take pride in delivering top-quality apparel with a personalized touch. Discover the essence of custom style at Sunset Apparel.


We have two automatic presses that can handle any order size with no minimum. Our experienced staff will ensure your custom t-shirt or apparel is printed with the highest quality and precision.

Explore the vibrant world of custom T-shirts, expertly crafted through precision screen printing. These three custom T-shirts showcase the power of personalized clothing for your brand, event, or business. Elevate your style and visibility with our top-quality custom screen printing services.
Elevate your brand with custom t-shirt and sweater manufacturing featuring precision screen printing. As a leading clothing manufacturer, we specialize in high-quality apparel for businesses. Explore our manufacturing capabilities for custom clothing and promotional items.
Discover a stunning collection of custom T-shirts, expertly crafted by our company to enhance the ski resort experience. We specialize in creating branded apparel for businesses, helping ski resorts like yours elevate their brand identity. Explore our custom solutions for personalized, high-quality clothing.
Discover the heart of our custom T-shirt and clothing production process – a state-of-the-art 12-stop screen printing machine. With precision and efficiency, our equipment ensures top-quality, vibrant designs on every piece. Elevate your brand with our advanced screen printing technology for personalized, high-quality apparel.
At Sunset Apparel in Salt Lake City, we're your creative canvas for T-shirt design. Explore our expansive palette of custom ink colors, each meticulously selected to help your T-shirt visions come to life. Elevate your T-shirt printing with a spectrum of possibilities that embody style and personalization. Discover the endless possibilities at Sunset Apparel.
Elevate your corporate image with our custom heat-pressed polo shirts, featuring your company logo in sharp detail. Our high-quality, branded polos are designed to leave a lasting impression. Showcase your professionalism and style with personalized corporate attire. Explore our logo heat pressing services for premium, tailored branding solutions.
Black long sleeve custom uniform with Halloween-themed design for a cannabis company. Unique holiday apparel for your team.
Introducing our exquisitely crafted custom T-shirt, adorned with a stunning six-color screen print. Elevate your style with this unique masterpiece, showcasing precision, vibrancy, and attention to detail. Explore our custom screen printing services for top-quality, personalized apparel that makes a statement.
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