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Custom embroidered 'Sunset Apparel' logo in blue and white thread with an orange 'S' logo featuring a sunset and mountains. High-quality branding.


Great for hats, polos, and hoodies embroidery adds an elevated touch over screen printing. Our seven on site embroidery heads along with our team makes sure every order is done the right way.

Frontline Champion hoodies in tan, olive, black, and pink, each adorned with custom chest and sleeve embroidery. High-quality and customizable apparel.
Three black beanies with custom embroidered logos for Sunset Apparel and Sunset Manufacturing. Premium branded headwear for style and warmth.
Barudan embroidery machine customizing a navy zip-up hoodie. Precision embroidery for personalized navy hoodie.
Six-headed Barudan embroidery machine, primed for precision custom embroidery. Expert craftsmanship for personalized designs.
Fifteen vibrant thread colors loaded onto an embroidery machine, offering a wide spectrum of options for custom designs.
Red The North Face Generator backpack with custom embroidered Park City Red Wolves FC logo. Premium sports gear for fans and enthusiasts.
Two workwear vests: Duck brown Carhartt and bright orange safety vests, both featuring Sunset Manufacturing logos. High-quality branding for safety and durability.
Red Travis Mathew polo shirt with custom-embroidered Sunset Apparel 'Skull Guy' logo featuring glasses and a beard. Stylish and unique branding.
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